Skull Cutter

Skull Cutter

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 Skull cutter   Saves Surgeon’s Valuable Minutes in Removal of Surgical plaster. Non-rotating blade is arranged to Oscillate through a Small Arc with a balanced high Speed Vibration that leaves the Instruments poised and steady in an operator’s hand. The high speed  action quickly cuts through bone/plaster with out harming soft tissue. The saw may be used for removing the skullcap, making linear cuts, or taking small bone specimens.
Each Electric Plastic Cutter is supplied with 2 Stainless Steel Blades of 1 ¾” and 2 ½” diameter which are quickly Interchanged By Means Of A Single Screw. 
Fiber/Plastic Body Fully Safe. 
2 S.S Blades for Cutting 
T- Tone fit into Starting Nobe & Open Nut After then fit the Blade & Close the Nut with L Tone. 
Each Electric Plaster Cutter comes complete in a Fiber fitted CASE easy to store. 
VOLTAGE: 220/240V, 50/60 Hz, 
Heavy duty cast cutter can be used both in fabrication setting or in clinical use.