Mortuary Chamber

Mortuary Chamber

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Mortuary chamber Dead Body Chamber used for storing cadaverous under low temperature cool conditions in order to prevent decomposition. These Dead Body Chamber are double walled with outer made of M.S. sheet duly painted or stainless steel (As per client requirement) and inner walls of S.S. Tray is made of G.I. or Stainless Steel sheet to carry dead bodies. Tray is made of G.I. sheet to carry dead bodies. Trays of our Dead Body Chamber travel on rollers fitted with ball bearings for easy movement. Hermetically sealed compressor serves Refrigeration unit, to maintain temperature range of -20C to 50C or -150C to -200C(as ordered). The Dead Body Chamber is fitted with digital temperature indicator cum controller. To work on 220/ 230V AC. Supply.

Dead Body Chamber Capacity Voltage stablizer 
Single Body 3KVA
Two Bodies 4KVA
Three Bodies 5KVA
Four Bodies 8KVA
Six Bodies 8KVA