Aneasthesia Ventilator

Aneasthesia Ventilator

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Anesthesia ventilator

The Anaesthesia Ventilator offers Anaesthetists an advanced feature of Microprocessor controlled electronics and sophisticated pneumatics to provide controlled and monitored ventilation. Designed for enhanced performance and safety functions to help Anaesthetists to operate  patients.

 General Features

Adult and PEADIATRIC compatible

 Power source : 220 V  50 Hz AC Battery : 12 V dc

Back up battery capacity : capacity for 1/2 hour RESET : Auto Reset of Ventilator


Microprocessor controlled ventilator

Volume and Time control ventilation

Power switch : on/off (stand-by), touch switch

Ventilation rate : 8-40bpm

Tidal volume : 100-1200ml

I:E Ratio : 1:1.0, 1:1.5, 1:2.0, 1:2.5, 1:3

Pressure alarm limit : 5 - 80cm H2O

 Mute : 15 sec alarm silence

SIGH ( 1.5 times of the tidal volume ) 

            Audible and Visual

High Airway pressure alarm

Disconnection alarm 

Low Battery alarm

Low supply pressure alarm